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Family Resources

The State of Missouri provides many essential services for families. For most services you must provide proof of income to qualify. Income guidelines for each program may differ. You may also have to provide work schedule, MU enrollment or class schedule, and other documentation.

Food Stamps - provides money for food

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) - provides essential foods during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Also provides baby formula and essential foods to ensure good nutrition during the first 2 years.

HealthNet/MC+ - Healthcare for children

Health Department - child and adult Immunizations, communicable disease information

Family Health Center - Family Medical and Dental care on sliding scale.

Child Care Assistance - helps cover a portion of daycare cost. Only available to undergraduate students.

Energy Assistance - distributes energy costs evenly for easier budgeting on an annual basis

Section 8 (city of Columbia) - reduced cost housing assistance- must meet income requirements

Mid Mo Legal Services- free legal services for those who qualify

Family Safety

Family Care Safety Registry - Used and required by all licensed child care providers, this site is a voluntary registry that screens for child abuse and neglect or offenses that might endanger the welfare of a minor. Parents may require home providers to be screened or may ask to see screening results of caregivers. is a link to the Missouri court system that allows you to look up an individual by name and review their public legal records. Whether you’re concerned about an individual or simply wanting to check on the person who cares for your child, this site may come in useful in protecting yourself or the ones you love.

Registered Sex Offenders - Whose lurking around your neighborhood? Type in your address and find out.

Domestic Violence - assistance in leaving a violent home

Be Ready in 3 - Emergency Preparedness for your family, home or personal safety

Thrifty is a way of life for students parents

Children’s Orchard - a resale shop for all children’s attire, equipment and supplies. An asset for student parents wanting to buy or sell used items with little wear for cash or trade.

Aldi - save on the basics and staples.

Thrift Stores and consignment Stores - sell used and even new items for way less than discount or department stores. Some stores will even buy your used clothes for cash or trade. A great deal on a cash strapped budget.

Garage Sales

Coupons for Grocery, Retail, Restaurant and other

Shop Smart - Forgot how to be a good consumer? Need a refresher course on getting the most for your buck? Wondering if you can afford that car or home? This is just the spot for you!

Thrifty Times - a variety of articles, links and suggestions for saving the dollar

Living on a Budget

MU Extension offers many resource articles and learning opportunities for parents. Here is just a sample of what they have to offer:

Families and Money Management

Personal Finance Quick Answers

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